Own transport Service

You do not believe the services of Czech suppliers, are you afraid that the goods will get damaged and destroyed? Do you want to receive products in full splendor and elegance? There's no problem, of course! Shipments that are more massive in nature will be transported to you by your own transport to guarantee quality services! If you order furniture whose price exceeds 15 000, we will not charge you the transfer! For smaller consignments, such as shelves or shoe racks and weigh up to 30 kilograms, we choose to transport the Czech post! Everything is thoroughly packed and insured!
No learned from heaven has fallen
Are you no fitters and you have no talent for assembling and assembling furniture? Never mind, the company furniture-Elegance is able to arrange this dilemma too. Training and skilled workers will not only bring you ordered goods without any problems and in time, but they will also be delivered to you before the first lockable door and assembled on request. No learned from heaven has fallen, and especially women are usually happy to help! It depends on your wishes!