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Benefits Of Cultural Online Store For Traditions and beliefs
Many of the traditions and cultures have been forgotten due to people living in other cultures not their own. This is a mistake that should be rectified before the generation is lost. They need to gain access to the initial culture and traditions lived by their ancestors. However, there are some organisations such as box2Joy which have established stores where their people can learn the traditions and beliefs which the past generations lived. This helps in preserving their culture as well as educating the current generation about how to live and what to believe on. These online stores are crucial to the generation to come and as well to people of other cultures in many ways. Among the benefits of these online cultural stores includes the following

It is sometimes hard to pass the tradition from one generation to the other. With the help of an online store where the current and future generation can read on their own regarding their way of life such as the dressing, rituals and the accompanying items that the ritual complete and other values. These generations would understand all these without being coerced. They should however be provided with the website to gain access to the store to learn them from. This will help easily pass the culture to others. Also, the current generation is able to live according to what the culture dictates.

Culture preservation. As many cultures are deemed extinct a community which has their cultures, traditions and beliefs stored are able to live them. The future generation is also in a good position to live it as they can access this site and learn from there. This keeps the culture alive and known even to the generation to come. The people ways of life are well propagated and spread without diluting it with other cultures. This has been seen in India where generations and generations have lived accordingly.

The togetherness of the community is experienced. A community that is living, in the same manner, is able to remain intact. This is because that is able to solve their issues according to their believes and traditions as learned from the store. The values of the community are well lived to ensure everyone participates in preserving the filter right from the dressing to the way of doing things. It is therefore very important to keep on referring to the cultural website where these beliefs and traditions are stored. This website plays a crucial role as each and everyone can learn from it.

Also, these cultural online stores are helpful to the religious leaders as they are able to perform the rituals in the right way while observing the traditions and beliefs of their community. These online stores as archives where references could be made to ensure everything is performed well. The rituals and beliefs are taught to other generations by the religious leaders through these online cultural stores. They are therefore very significant in forming the basis for rituals among other traditional ceremonies of the community.

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