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What You Need To Know About The Principle Of Least Privilege

What it means by the concept of the least privilege principle is that the identity of individuals that are allowed to access data is used for them to be able to be authorized for such functions. This principle means that only the individuals that are recognized by their identity in the system are able to access an organizations or companies data and any other person that has no identity keyed into the system is not able to access such data. It is for this reason that some risks which necessitate companies to use the principle of the least privilege have risen. In this article, we are going to look at some of the risks that are involved in the principle of least privilege.

The principle of least privilege has some risks that are associated with it and one of the major risks is the dormant identities. When an individual has access to a company’s important information or data and has not been consistent in reviewing and looking in into the system for a very long time they become inactive and this is what we mean by the terminology dormant identities. A person may easily forget about such privileges especially when they are very busy in their day to day operations of the organizations that they forget about their logins to such a system. This is very dangerous, although it is not the fault of the individual, because people who do not wish good for the organization or company may take advantage of these dormant identities and gain their access to the company system and extract important information and data which the company may not want to be leaked. This kind of risk is very crucial and needs to be checked since other parties can access data which they are not allowed to do so.

One of the risks that come with the principle of least privilege is privilege escalation. There are two ways in which an individual can view privilege escalation and one of the ways is horizontal privilege escalation and the other is vertical privilege escalation. In horizontal privilege escalation this exists where an individual with limited access to some certain function manages to access an account of an individual who has more privileges to access more functions within the organization or the cloud. In vertical privilege escalation, this exists where a person who is of a lower authority within the structure of an organization manages to get access to the account of another individual who ranks higher in the organization and uses the privilege of that account in order for them to maliciously benefit themselves with the resources of the organization. Privilege escalation is very dangerous to the operations of the company and therefore needs to be closely monitored.

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